Add a Little Happiness to Your Life!

Vivid Color - Brilliant Detail

"Twins" Rufous (females)

"Piper" Broad-tailed (female)

"Jasper" Rufous (male)

"Jett" Broad-tailed (male)

"Fritz" Rufous (male)

"Lilly" Rufous (female"

"Lucy" Rufous (female)

"Star" Rufous (female)

"Ollie" Rufous (female)

"Rusty" Rufous (male)

"Goldie" Rufous (male)

"Bella" Broad-tailed (female)

"Bow-tie & Breeze" Rufous (male & female)

"Blaze" Rufous (male)

"Rosy" Broad-tailed (female)

"Liza" Broad-tailed (female)

"Scooter" Broad-tailed (male)

"Cassie" Rufous (female)

"Amelia" Broad-tailed (female)

With approximately 6500 hummingbird photos taken during late summer and very early fall (2023), this first season of "Happy Hummers" has rendered a few positive results.  The Happy Hummer note cardssouvenir magnet series4x4 magnetic prints and the 5x7 series are available at select Colorado merchants.  As the large inventory of photos get processed, new images may arrive and others may exit in a search of the finest quality, color and detail in each bird.  If you see something you love, I encourage you to secure it as many of the current images will pass leading into next season's shoot. Happy humming!