Congratulations on the purchase of your new GranbyPhoto print. Now let's get that piece on the wall.  Follow these 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Use a level to draw a straight 12" pencil line at about center and 2 " below where you want the top of the photo to hang.

Step 2. Use the included nails and tap them into the wall on the pencil line 8" apart on center of the line.  Leave approximately 1/8" of the nail exposed.

Step 3. Hang the photo by allowing the metal mounting rail to rest on the exposed nail heads.  You may adjust the photo slightly side to side by carefully sliding it along the mounting rail. The mounting system allows the print to "float" off the wall to add extra dimension. Enjoy!     

Note: You can hang your GranbyPhoto on hard surfaces by using Velcro picture mounting strips or double sided mounting tape. Simply apply these materials to the metal mounting rail and/or the wall, then hang your print.  For best results, please follow the products recommended directions.